Model 3

Got SR... Already Regretting It

I assume the answer is no, but I just wanted to vent more than anything. I just took delivery of my new Model 3 on Friday. I opted for the SR, but I already regret not going for the ER. No way to make that change now, right?


  • What is ER? Emergency Room?
  • Yes you can make the change...but it will cost you.
  • What you fail to mention is why you are regretting it???

  • The old 7 day return policy seems to no longer be available.

    Looks to me like the SR+ has 3/4 the range of the LR, so no need to worry.
  • Well he wants ER. I would regret it too if I got Standard room vs emergency room.
  • A bit more reading on this forum would've giving you the answer to your then future regrets.

    The M3 is the poorman's offering to the world of "Premium EV". And I'm talking about the $60k version of the M3.

    You got played for a donut thinking that partial premium interior and standard range battery would get you in this club.
  • I, agree with Mr. Bond. I'd like to gain a better understanding as to why the OP doesn't like the SR.
    Its better than pretty much every other EV on the market. It should be perfectly fine for all driving in the local area (depending on what "local" means to you -m YMMV).
    For the most part, Superchargers are spaced within SR range, although SR drivers will probably spend a little more time charging since they can't skip Superchargers and will, most likely dip into the charging speed taper more than a LR driver would.
    It's still a great car by nearly all measures.
  • I didn't think they sold the SR anymore, just the SR+ and the LR AWD. Did he mean that he got an SR or and SR+?
  • You didnt tell us anything other than you regret it.
  • That’s all the headline needs to say. Mission accomplished
  • I have an SR and love it with no regrets
  • Resale is high if you don't mind taking the hit.

    See how the range works out for you now that you have it and if it is an issue, look at the trade differential.

    Also be sure your state EV rebate doesn't require you keeping the car for a set time.
  • I find the most people here assume that we're dealing with grown adults or people who could afford Tesla vehicles.
  • > @JEI said: > ... or people who could afford Tesla vehicles.

    "Top 10 Richest Kids in the USA"
  • Ever since FishEV got banned from MachE Forum he is back full force here. Sad
  • There is no such thing as the ideal vehicle, ICE or EV. When considering a new car purchase, it’s important to not only research the specs of the prospective vehicle, but how that vehicle will fit into your lifestyle. For me, the SR+ fit the bill perfectly. Having an ICE as the second car in my household covers those infrequent occasions where the SR+ is impractical.
  • OP MIA. TEA score 90.
  • TEA?

    I can't imagine *anyone* getting a Model 3 SR+ and then "regretting it".... let alone posting asking for advice and then disappearing. Seems like an attempt to tarnish Tesla's brand name.

    I've got a Model 3... ZERO REGRETS. I now find myself driving *just to drive*, like I was 16 again.
  • > @father_of_6 said:
    > Seems like an attempt to tarnish Tesla's brand name.

    I did not get that from the OP. IMHO Seems like he got an SR and regretted not getting the SR+ or LR. He said ER so I can’t say which.
  • So what's TEA?
  • I forget what the acronym is but it’s how likely the post is from a troll. 1 to 100
  • > @father_of_6 said:
    > So what's TEA?
  • Ahh... thanks for that @GHammer (and @"", very helpful.
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