Model X

USB Device Malfunction

My car (TeslaX) have suffered from the problem: "USB device malfunction - Center console port. Unplug device from USB port" since December 2020.
Each time the dashcam icon disappears after 5-6 minutes after this message and the car lost recording status.
I have started to google, and I see that it happens often if there is a hub in a car like (Jeda Hub).
But there is no hub in my car, just the stock Tesla ports 2 (USB ports) which I use:
1st port - for USB Flash drive
2nd port - for Dashcam
it sounds like a glitch in the software. Each time I formated the USB flash drive via car's software, but it did not help.
I started to reboot the car, it helps for a while, but the problem returns a bit later.
I formated the USB flash drive via PC's software. it helps for a while, but the problem returns a bit later.

Has anyone had success with that?

Software version: 2020.48.30 040912887bad


  • Very likely the USB drive is failing. Try a new drive. Ideally use an SD card with an adapter. All USB stick drives are not rated for video writes nor rated for automotive temperature ranges encountered, and they will fail (some quicker than others). Here's my list of suggested drives:
  • To help isolate the problem, you might try using only one USB device at a time. If you remove the USB Flash drive and find that Dashcam works, then you should replace the USB Flash drive. Similarly, if you remove the Dashcam drive and the USB Flash drive works, then you can replace the Dashcam drive.
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