Visualization of Poles and Trees

Driving through the small roads in New England and other parts of the world
I have been to have telephone poles and trees lining the road, often times as close or closer that garbage bins. Why doesn't the visualization show these? Some say too narrow, but I see garbage bins of similar diameter to trees and also small orange cones. Curious, as these poles and trees are very hazardous, more so than bins. Thanks for any thoughts.


  • The current UI in the public build does not display everything that the car sees. The trash bins was just part of the FSD preview so that you can see the functionality of identifying and categorizing common objects. If you look at any of the FSD beta videos, the car does see the objects around the car even if it does not categorize them and display an icon for the object type.

    TLDR: Just because the UI does not show an icon does not mean the car does not see it.
  • My visualization used to show pedestrians and bicyclists as I passed them, but it stopped doing that a while ago. I certainly hope the car knows they're there. 🙂

    I'm not sure why trash cans were given higher priority than other objects, but I only see traffic cones (or what the car detects as traffic cones), small poles like those along an express lane, certain road signs, and trash cans. However, the car does a pretty good job displaying markings from the road surface, such as left/right arrows, railroad crossing indicators, etc.
  • > I'm not sure why trash cans were given higher priority than other objects

    It's likely because the purpose of the UI is to build confidence in the system and sell FSD. Thus, the UI needs to emphasize objects that make the computer seem "smart". It's easy for the computer and people to look at a trash bin and see that it's a trash bin, and people think it's amazing because trash bins move around all the time and thus seeing the computer identify a trash bin gives an "ah-ha!" moment to the viewer, which is the ultimate goal.
  • Computer vision requires a person to work alongside a computer to verify its categorization of objects. It sounds like Tesla first put a person to work on imagery with cones in it. Now, it sounds like they're focusing on trash bins.
    It will be interesting to see what comes next.
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