NEMA 14-50 Failure

I have a new construction home (3 years old) that I had the contractor install a NEMA 14-50. In the middle of the night I was notified that my car (Model 3) had stopped charging. I didn't know what the issue was as that is not presented through the mobile app. I tried to restart the charging process through the app, but it kept shutting off. The next morning I went into the garage to investigate and found that the receptacle on the NEMA 14-50 was charred. I switched off the double pole switch adjacent to the outlet and then flipped the breaker. Once I took apart the outlet, the extent of the damage was made fully aware. One of the poles did not have a solid contact and caused excessive heat to build up inside the receptacle. Luckily the charger was a Gen 2 Mobile Connector which has a built in temperature probe on the plug. This stopped a potential fire as neither the breaker or fuses tripped.


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  • @jdelmore,
    This is a fairly common problem with using traditional electrical outlets for EV charging. Folks who install the traditional outlets often do a poor job at tightening the screws. I've the same thing you report happen to standard 5-20 120v electrical outlets as well.
  • perhaps the best review on youtube for 14-50 receptacles

    you get what you pay for
  • Spoiler alert for above mentioned review video....


    it will cost you, but your catastrophic failure could have easily resulted in a fire - you can imagine the rest from there.
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