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President Biden's Inauguration Live



  • sorry, just had an urge to blame the president :)
  • Biden killed women sports that for sure. Great stuff.
  • And we are only day 2 in.
  • Politicians aren’t “heroes” to be look to for support and hope in your life. They are public servants who should be under a large amount of scrutiny on a daily basis. I hope biden is successful because that’s great for the world. As I hoped trump would be successful. I wouldn’t have voted for either of them tho.

    It’s creepy for people to think of politicians of anything more than what they are.

    Kamala Harris was a horrible AG in California. And was so unpopular in the general elections she dropped out before she even reached her most popular state. She also alluded to Joe Biden being sexist and racist.

    Biden seems like a nice enough guy, I have nothing bad to say about him as a person because I don’t know him. But his record as a politician speaks for itself.
  • Not well liked = VP of the USA.

    Some things just make me go WTF?
  • Kamala Harris started a fundraiser last year to bail out the rioters in Minneapolis. Bet you ignored that one lmao.

    I don't know what some of you are talking about. This is going to be a great 4 years of blaming the president for everything. I'm optimistic. :)
  • No he is not. He’s proven again and again that he’s actually that stupid, ridiculous and brainless.
  • You’ve been ignoring lots of stuff for four years
    You have experience with ignorance :-)
  • Let's not make new administration in to the Saints or Devil's. Let them work and we will judge by what they do and end result. So far not very promising.
  • You mean Paris, Keystone Cancel and student loan freeze?

  • > @SamO said:
    > You mean Paris, Keystone Cancel and student loan freeze?
    > Lulz

    No those are ok. But allowing Trans people to participate in sports to which gender they choose to identify themselves. Not very fair to women in particular.
  • No common sense there.
  • Bathroom use and etc I don't care much about it.
  • All those Dinosaurs will die
    Good people will use their death for energy until something better comes along
  • Speaking of speaking, this discovery just made an historic performance that much more unbelievable.
  • Maya Angelou who?
  • > @blkice said:
    > > @kneught said:
    > > Kamala Harris was a horrible AG in California.
    > That’s a lie, you don’t know of what you speak , She was one of the best AG in any state
    > Liked so well the people of California elected her Senator
    > You lying because she’s a woman?
    > You lying because she’s Black?
    > You lying because she’s doesn’t take any shit from men like you?
    > You lying because you’re programmed to hate all democrats?
    > All the above?

    Kamala was such a good AG that you couldn’t even reference something good she did. You had to point to her race and gender. 😂
  • @kneught

    You were the one who brought up her ‘horrible’ record as AG. The onus is on you to explain why. Instead, you are going around in circles in your giggling train.
  • Kamala Harris is a cop. And a viscous horrible viper...

    Receipts from a Californian who watched it in real time ...
  • The douchey white guy smear again, really?
  • Lol. Typical erasing of people of color by White Balls. You are white, right.

    And I’m positive you didn’t read the article written by a black woman, extensively quoting African American Californians ...

    Bless your blue MAGA heart. Google “Mother Jones” sometime you ahistorical loser.
  • What's next? She likes to smoke da' reefer? Of course she is a cop, it is what cops do. What, in your opinion, did she do that was so horrible, Gordy?
  • Read the fucking article, dumbass. You won’t believe me anyway. Jesus you Blue MAGA shut for brains are stupid.

    Meanwhile, another woman of color actual doing the work needed by this country...

    “ We secured COVID funeral cost reimbursements nationwide.

    This effort was inspired by my district, but the legislation covers all impacted families in the United States. More details to come as FEMA finalizes distribution details.”

    No truant children or their parents were imprisoned by Kamala Harris to get this result.
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