Model 3

Cleaning the white tesla seats

I've been looking for a really good cleaner that I can use for my white seats that wont dry up the leather any recommendations?


  • The model 3 never had leather. It is high-grade vinyl. Any vinyl/leather cleaner should work. Several other threads on this topic that might be helpful.
  • Sudsy water works well too.
  • The seats in all recent Teslas is made from polyurethane.

    Use any mild, general purpose cleaner and a rag. Others have had great success with baby wipes and Magic eraser. When my brother took delivery of his 3, that is what they recommended, wipes and magic eraser. However as it is with any cleaning product, use the least aggressive cleaner first.

    Also, don't waste your time or money on any "protectants". As soon as you sit on it, the protectant will simply rub off.
  • We just keep baby wipes in the console
  • 'They' make wipes specifically designed for cleaning car interiors. It is generally thought that baby wipes are not cool because of their aggressive Ph.
  • I am using The Last Coat and it works like a charm.
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