ordering of forum posts

i'll take a stab at "no", but is there any way for me to list or follow posts i'm interested in (especially for new replies)? looks like it's chrono based on original post and i do not see any settings option.
thx, ron


  • No, there isn't an option to get email notifications when someone posts to a thread that you looked at. If it is of course a post your are interested in, then you would look for that post on your own.
  • thx.
  • Ron, just bookmark any posts that you want to come back to if you are concerned that they'll fall off the front page.
  • as in browser bookmark? or something here? thx
  • Browser bookmark
  • Browser bookmark. There are no subscription or notification features in this forum.
  • thx, will do. ron
  • If you know the link to the post, then you can use #latest in the URL. Like
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