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Victory over stench using foot powder

Hi folks,

My Model 3 developed a horrendous gym locker stench in the trunk, probably because of all the wet jackets we throw in there after playing in the snow. No amount of cleaning things out or airing it did any good. Maybe the smell builds because we use pre-conditioning 100% of our rides, or maybe because cabin overheat protect will not allow the cabin to get hot enough in the summer to kill mold spores. I've seen threads about vinegar, heat cycles, etc. Who knows.

Well, I'm here to tell y'all, that is not needed. I bought a spray can of of "athlete's foot powder" containing micronazole nitrate (I suspect any strong antifungal will work), sprayed liberally into the trunk, closed the trunk, and next day the smell was magically gone.

You're welcome.


  • Good to hear , thanks for the heads up.
  • I’d be careful if there’s talc in the ingredients.
  • The one recommended by Mr. Miyagi?

    > @Bighorn said:
    > I’d be careful if there’s talc in the ingredients.

    Unless is says "asbestos-free."
  • Pneumoconiosis. No mercy.
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > Pneumoconiosis. No mercy.

    I would hope he only did it once. And then will, say, put down a mat or put the jackets in a bag next time.
  • I couldn’t tell if it was being circulated by the climate system. If it’s just a closed space, NBD.
  • Perhaps the OP isn't aware of the lower storage space in the trunk, and water has been collecting there and....fermenting.
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