Model X

Another Feature warning not working

I start driving and this message comes up on my screen. "Driving visualization temporarily degraded". What does this mean? I don't understand why we keep having issues? What is the deal Tesla team! Can you help me so I don't have to bring this car back AGAIN.. I have owned it since Sept. 2020 & this car has been back to service center 3 times already! I loved this car in the 1st week and I want to love it again but, this is getting ridiculous


  • Any chance you haven't washed your car in a while? It sounds like the glass in front of one or more of the cameras is dirty.
  • Car is clean, Today when my husband drove the car, it went away! So that's good. However, It came from the factory with overspray ALL over it. We took to Service in Springfield New Jersey (that's where we picked up this BRAND new car). They cleaned the windows somewhat. As we drove away we could see the overspray was still there. We were leaving for Florida and time was of the essence. Service rep. at Springfield told us to take it and have it clay bar. We were not happy about that. My husband has been hand washing the car and trying & hoping it would get better. But, nope it makes us not want to drive the car in sunlight. We can't get the windows clean for anything. We have an appointment with a Car Detailer. Not happy that we have to pay someone to detail this BRAND new car! Do you think Tesla will do the right and fix it for us! Anyone else having this issue?

    Just a thought...Could this issue be happening because of overspray?
  • I'd guess the camera issues could happen with overspray, but I don't understand how overspray is possible. The cars are painted without any glass in place at the factory. Now if the car was parked near a house or building being spray painted, I could see overspray from that event landing on all the cars nearby. Hopefully, the car detailer can take care of it. Be sure you ask them to clear any spray from the glass covering the 7 cameras (3 front, 2 on each side). The detailer might normally only deal with the vehicle's paint.
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