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Model s not opening automatically

My model s is not opening automatically when my key is in my pocket I press the handle but it doesn’t open so can anyone help me


  • Try your other fob.
    Put a new battery in the fob.
    Don't put the fob and your phone in the same pocket. Yes it matters.
  • The fob battery is new and my Tesla is 2nd hand and I told Tesla to reset it there is a account of the first owner and it is not linked to Tesla app does this matter?
  • I have tried with the 2nd fob aswell
  • See if your passive entry is activated. On the big Control screen, go to Controls > Vehicle > Passive Entry

    You have to push the brake to get the Passive Entry button to light up when you press it.

    You can also double-click the top of your key fob to get the door handles to come out.
  • Ok thanks
    Yes I know but it takes too much time
    Can you tell me how should I factory reset my Tesla I know it but when go to factory reset it says put your email I’d and password and I don’t have the Tesla account I’m the 2 nd owner of the car
  • What if reset my Tesla will it work
  • 24 hour time out?
  • 24 hour time out? What?
  • Try reading the manual. I can see from your other thread about auto present handles that you haven’t really made the effort.
  • I think if your car hasn’t “seen” the fob in over 24 hours, auto present and touch to open stops working and you need to click the fob. Car also starts ignoring the fob if you stand outside for awhile. Not certain of the rules—just my observation.
  • It doesn't take much time at all. On your main computer screen lower left is where you get started. Takes about 45 seconds. The car icon gets to the controls. The passive entry is under Safety and Security by the way. Auto present handles is under vehicle. Just press the car symbol and it will bring up all of your settings.

    For passive entry, remember to press the brake pedal before you touch the passive entry button under Safety and Security.
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