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Model X wait time Bay Area

Wondering what the wait time looks like for Model X/S in CA. Historically, what has been the timeline in terms of Placing order -> Vin Assignment -> delivery ?
Ordered MX a week back. I know it is too early to expect any update from Tesla, just curious.


  • Well, the Model X production line is shut down right now and is expected to start up at the start of March. There could be a lot of pent up demand before your order, so it could be Late March, or more likely late June or July. Most CA orders are filled in the last month of a quarter.
  • t_x - you didnt mention the possible refresh of the MX. Have you been following that story? Lots of fairly credible reports that MX delivered once the line restarts will be a significantly different design. This could really impact the speed of the line in the short time and demand for the MX. I would say all bets are off as far as predicting when you will get your MX.
  • @Wilber Thanks for the info. Yes, I have been following the news related to a possible refresh. Given that there is no official news from Tesla, it seemed more of a rumor to me. However, Now it seems from various online sources and free YouTube videos, the news of a refresh might actually be a true one.
  • Since Tesla usually prioritizes manufacturing early in the quarter for international sales (requiring shipping), worst case for delivery in CA should be March - though they could also ship out the early batch of production vehicles after the manufacturing change to CA, so they are closer to Tesla and easier to monitor and fix, if there are manufacturing issues in the early batches with the new manufacturing.

    Now what differences there will be in a new S or X vs. what's currently shown on the website is unclear - though the longer Tesla takes to announce model changes or to deliver the first new vehicles, the more likely it is there are major changes (refresh).

    Plus, there may be a pricing change - which was already done for Europe - so placing an order now could lock in the current pricing, in case Tesla increases S/X pricing for US (and other markets).
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