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Pearl White paint vs Black Paint

Howdy tribe.

About to put an order in for a 2021 SR+ and I was hoping to get your advice. I currently have a 2019 Black SR+ which I really love. I am ordering another SR+ and my instinct was to get another black one, but after seeing the new 2021's in person, I really do not like the chrome delete on the black version of the car. The chrome delete looks amazing on the white though, a big improvement if you ask me.

I have never owned a white car though. So, I thought I would see what you folks thought. Do you like the new chrome delete on the black cars? Are there benefits or disadvantages that you are aware of regarding each color choice? I live in Southern California in case that is an important bit of info for any advice givers.

I appreciate your help. Thank you.


  • My 3P is my first white car as well. Because I like the lines of the car, I wanted a light color and silver shows the lines the best. But, white was the only light color at that time and I really like it. I'm also in So. Cal and white works well in the often heavy sun here. White interior also...
  • Its all about personal taste. You either like it more or you don't. There is no other consideration.
  • I've had both black and white cars and I agree with those who say that black shows dirt faster. A black car can be gorgeous when clean and shiny, but there's almost always some dirt detracting from the look.
  • White is my preferred color. Water spots are nearly invisible on a white car, as well as the tiny swirl scratches resulting from nearly every kind of washing (other than touchless washing).

    My Model 3 is Midnight Silver. I bought it used from Tesla; the price was right so I decided to tolerate the color.
  • I've had quite a few white cars in the past and I do like how it isn't as hot during the day as a dark car. The one downside of white is if you get bird dropping, you need to clean it off soon, as it can stain the clearcoat and requires more than a simple wipe to remove the stain. Black looks far worse with bird-droppings, but you don't notice any stain when you clean it. Unrelated, I have a blue car now. Go with what you like!
  • Pearl White 2018 LR AWD with white interior here, and would do it again in a heartbeat.
  • Thank you for your advice everyone! I appreciate you to taking the time to share your life experience with all of us!
  • The white version stands out. The only negative is the black road grit accumulates on the rear of the car very quickly, and it really shows up on white.
  • If you live in SOCAL, get the white. Less interior heating on a sunny summer day.
  • I have the 2019 black SR+. At order time, black was the only paint color without a price adder.

    Unfortunately as a daily driver, it’s impossible to keep it clean for long. But I bought it for basic transportation, not to keep it as a museum piece. Admittedly, it looks awesome in my driveway immediately following a good car wash.
  • I currently have a black Prius and keep it in the garage. The entire summer it was washed only once and still looked great. Because of this I want a black Tesla. The problem is and this may be a deal-breaker, is that a black car with chrome looks awesome but the black trim will look ugly. The black trim does look ok only on a white car but I definitely do not want white.
  • I do agree, I love the chrome delete on the white, but I think it looks really weird on the black. I prefer the chrome on the black.

    I think white has the following advantages over black.
    -Car will stay cooler
    -Imperfections will not show as much (my current black tesla is just one big swirl mark)
    -Apparently the white appears cleaner longer
    -I save $1000
    -It is the perfect car to drive if I ever dress as a stormtrooper for halloween.
    -Looks pretty sweet with tinted windows
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