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I have a 2020 Model X. Per Tesla's advice, I have been keeping it plugged in during cold weather to my Wall Charger at home. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and am finding it VERY difficult to unplug the charger in cold weather. Basically, my thumbs don't work. And now it's playing a new game to make it even more difficult. When I decide it's time to remove the charger, it decides it's time to start charging again. If I tell it to stop charging, it keeps starting again before I can remove the charger. OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Hey, this little game might be funny if I was just going to run an errand, but if I have an appointment or something, it is NOT funny, especially when the car already has a full charge!

Any tips, other than to ignore Tesla's advice to keep the car plugged in all the time at home? :(



  • First, you should set scheduled charging, for example, to start at midnight. Once charged, it will not start up the charging again until the next midnight rolls around. That may eliminate the issue by itself.

    Generally, you should be able to press and hold the release button on the handle, wait a few seconds until you hear it click and the ring turns light-blue, and then remove it. It may be easier to remove if you first lift the handle up slightly so there is less friction and then pull the connector straight out.

    Lastly, brand new cars tend to be a bit harder to pull out. After about a month of insertions/removals, it should be easier. I hope this helps.
  • Now I have a new problem. I let it finish, then withdrew the charger when it turned green. Now the car is dead. Period. No power. So what now?
  • Thanks. The scheduling sounds like a good idea, if I can ever get it to work again.
  • @vetswidow - See ideas in your thread:
  • I find unplugging from the wall the toughest and therefore always leave it plugged in. I can not comment to unplugging from car because I find it very easy, at 60 with minor arthritis.
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