Model 3

Trunk rubber seal issue

Hi all, just wondering if anyone else noticed a big gap on trunk rubber seal? Mine is very noticeable on one side, almost like the seal was cut too thin. The gap is so large I can see the trunk hinge with the trunk closed. 2021 Model 3


  • Service could replace that seal very easily for you. Appointment through your phone app. Include pictures of the gap.
  • I have booked service, but my Tesla advisor is telling me that it is like that from the factory on 2021 to accommodate the larger size of the auto trunk hinge. Wondering if any other 2021 owners see this gap on the driver side trunk/window, where you can visually see the hinge with the trunk closed.
  • Please upload a photo...makes it easier to see what you mean
  • You may also want to check another 2021 trunk seal, because if it is how it’s designed from the factory, then that’s how it’s designed, in spec.
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