Model 3

WARNING! Jeda USB Hub Failure

The Jeda USB hub installed in my M3 failed unexpectedly and dramatically (see link to picture below). The failure happened while the car was parked overnight. Upon entering the vehicle, there was an odor of burnt electronics in the cabin. At first, I thought one of the M3 electrical components had failed, however, I tracked it down to the Jeda USB hub. You can see from the picture that the Jeda circuit board is badly charred. This could have started a fire, and I want to alert other Jeda USB hub owners. I purchased this hub when it was first introduced a year or two ago. It is the model with two USB-A ports.


  • Appreciate the information and sorry to hear about the failure. I received the USB A/C version about two weeks ago. No issues as of yet but will keep an eye on it. Keep us updated on any issues with Jeda customer service. Thanks again for posting.
  • I have the same model as you, so I’m interested in Jedas response if you’re contacting them
  • Jeda customer service is horrible! I will never purchase another product from them again. I have been happy with the hub so I ordered their new wireless charger. It did not work with the iPhone 12 Pro Max as advertised, so I boxed it back up in its original packaging 10 minutes after opening, to return to Jeda. No phone number available and customer service took days to respond via email. Jeda did not want to take the return. Told me since it was opened, it would be subject to a restocking fee, plus I would have to reimburse Jeda for the original shipping charges. Too many other companies (Nomad, etc.) to purchase from that have excellent customer service and don’t try to stick it to their customers.
  • I just purchased the Jeda hub for my 2020 M3 and now have concerns. I'm not sure what to think here. Jeda needs to make a statement I think.
  • Unless this is a one off and they are unaware. I’ve had mine sonde it’s release and no probs. Id still be interested in their response to the op
  • I think this is important and deserves a bump. OP keep us updated please.
  • I notified Jeda of the problem via e-mail and will post back with the results.
  • No response from Jeda as of 30 Jan 2021.
  • Really interested in their response. Thx for update.
  • Still nothing from Jeda?
  • No surprise whatsoever. See my post above on 1/21/21. Jeda customer support is non-existent. I will never purchase a product from them again.
  • > @kim_98322818 said:
    > No response from Jeda as of 30 Jan 2021.

    No response from Jeda as of 06 Feb 2021.
  • Ugh. Shameful.
  • Definitely not good. Keeping an eye on mine but not going to get too attached to it.
  • When I originally posted on this forum, I posted on the Tesla Motor Club forum as well. On Friday, 05 Feb 2021, I received a private message from the TMC admin (Danny) stating that Jeda had contacted him claiming that they never heard from me. Perhaps, my original e-mail to Jeda was marked as spam. On Saturday, 06 Feb 2021, I sent a copy of the original e-mail text to the TMC admin. Hopefully, he will forward it to Jeda.
  • That is a customer service train wreck. Hope you get some resolution soon.
  • Odd because Jeda has replied to my two emails (unrelated topic) in the past. Sure hope they reply.
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