False Ideal charge

On 19th Jan, On my way from Newark Delaware to Allentown PA, I stopped to at welcome center on 95 N for charge. Super charge was too slow and I spend 45 min to charge my car upto 200 mile. All the time I was seating in the car. As soon it hit 200 mile I unplug the charger and left right away. Today I saw $10 bill from tesla on my credit card. I thought that was for super charging but Model X has free lifetime super charge free. So I started chat with Tesla customer service and asked about charge. She mention that it was ideal charge. I was shocked. My car was not ideal. She said that I charged upto 80% and charging station was busy over 50% stall were in used so I need to pay ideal fees. Is this true? She was very adamant to remove the charges. It is only $10 but it is false charge according to me. Am I right? BTW, My model X is 2016 yr model.


  • Idle charge
  • Once charging has completed, you have a 5 minute grace period to unplug. After that, you start getting charged. This is to discourage camping at busy superchargers. You should also get an alert on your phone. Set your charging to 100% and just unplug when you reach your desired charge level.
  • If you left as soon as you finished charging you shouldn’t have been billed for an idle fee. Either Tesla billed you incorrectly and you should challenge it, or you’re mistaken about unplugging as soon as you were done charging.
  • Mine is a Model 3, but I think the Model X is ideal. That's probably what you were charged for.
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