Dealership Agreement or Sales Represenation for South America

Dear friends of Tesla Motors:
We are interested in taking on a Tesla sales representation for South America. We need, please, know what are the requirements for such representation. How many points of sale, digital channels, how many square meters of technical service, inventory value and quantity of it. We have an estimate of how much we want to invest in acquiring the representation and how much we want to invest in points of sale, implementation of workshops (training and acquisition of equipment and tools). It would help us a lot if you contact us or, much better, tell us to whom we should present our project. We greatly appreciate your time and attention. We look forward to your prompt response. THANKS A LOT!!!


  • Here we go again. A quick google search would have informed you that Tesla does not use dealerships.
  • Another Google search would also inform you that Tesla is no longer "Tesla Motors". That changed I believe 4 years ago.

    Go to the main page for Tesla, and look for "Contact Us". That is how your reach Tesla. This forum is just for owners and would be owners. No one from senior leadership is looking at these forums.
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