Powering Tesla Cars

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Would it be possible to modify a Tesla car with a Hendershot Generator to either charge the batteries or run the motor directly?


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    Oh yeah, that's in the works for Model S 2.0, due out about Fall next year.

    You have me to thank seeing as how I convinced Elon myself to do this when I met him about a year and half ago at an event.

    I invited him to my house to show him my Hendershot Generator which I've been running for the past four years. It's great, with all the money I've been saving since I don't have a power bill, I was able to get the Model S.

    I also have a small side business selling surplus electricity to some local shops for a mere fraction of what they pay the power company.

    I tried to get the US government in on the action, but they told me to stop. Said something about violating some laws or something. I didn't really understand what they were talking about. They were talking about laws, but then it sounded sciency too. I don't know anything about science at all really. Anyways, I must not be doing anything illegal, or them laws must not be too important, because I ain't been prosecuted or anything yet.

    Rishu, if you're interested in my Hendershot Generator, you should come visit some time.

    Curious though, why don't you simply make or buy one and keep it in your garage or trunk? You could just plug your car into it when you want a charge. That's what I'm going to do. Sure, you wouldn't have the benefit of infinite range, but it's still a lot better than paying for energy.
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    you shouldn't wind the poor boy up like that. He's liable to take you serious, and who knows what could result?
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    I dont know... seems to have quieted the discussion pretty effectively, not to mention it was good entertainment. :)
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    That has got to be the perfect response olanmills.

    Makes you wonder how the utility companies stay in business. I thought everyone had one in their basement. What idiot doesn't have one?
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