Model S

MCU upgrade avalailable in Finland too, but...

It's great that Tesla is finally offering MCU upgrade in Finland.

Except, I just had the MCU replaced with another MCU1 because of Tesla's poor design & implementation that killed the eMMC. (Of course they denied any claims and had to pay full price!) Naturally asked if MCU upgrade could be done at the same time: Not available!

So, now I'd have to shell out 2600 euros (about $3000) more to have my brand new MCU replaced again? - And that's without radio, which would be another 500+ euros (about $600).

Not a happy customer...


  • I would expect price to drop in Europe by probably 1000 euros soon.
  • @tug3 - Why would you replace your new MCU1? There is no requirement to do so. You can keep your existing radios and everything works. The replacement MCU1s have a much newer eMMC that should last far longer than the car.

    Now if you want the new MCU2 features, yes, you will need to buy MCU2. For some it's a good deal, for others, they are fine with the existing MCU.
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