Hypothetical Question About A Tesla "Store"

Obviously, everyone orders their Tesla mods and accessories either from Tesla's website or from 3rd party manufacturers. But imagine there was a physical store you could walk into at a shopping mall that sold nothing but Tesla mods/accessories. What would you most want them to have in stock?


  • FishEV repellant.
  • Based on historical precedent, just tequila and flame throwers.
  • Basically everything from the top after market accessories sellers: EVAnnex, RPMTesla, etc. Floor mats, Jeda stuff, puddle lights, camping accessories (like mattresses that fit in a Model 3), trunk coolers, etc.
  • Tesla used to have stuff in their sales locations. I bought aero wheel covers. But the store at the Mall doesn't have anything. Most car dealers have parts departments that carry tons of stuff. But Tesla is so short staffed they cant even handle an online ordering system or even get parts out to service centers in a reasonable amount of time.
    Once Covid is over and Tesla can get things running normally then it might make sense. Kind if sad that I can go to the Lotus dealer and order an obscure part on Thursday which is their ordering day and have it sent from England to me by Tuesday, but it takes twice as long to get a t shirt online from California.
  • Sometimes I think Harley Davidson, Ducati, etc make more money from their logo-ware stores than from selling bikes.
    Maybe, when malls reopen, Tesla will experiment with retail brick and mortar again.
  • During Bike Week in Daytona, one of the dealers said he makes more from T shirt sales than bike sales.

    Ferrari makes more from merchandising rights than from car sales.
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