Model S

Car connection error

I was added today when I go to the application.I had a message that I was added, I go to the application and it writes. car connection error


  • Does your car have cellular coverage where it's parked? It needs that for you to connect.

    Vehicle connection errors are fairly common, and usually temporary.
  • In 8 years, I've never seen a connection error message, but I'm usually in cellular contact. It must be the routes I drive :) I think maybe in 2013 I did travel through a dead zone, where it dropped to 2G and then nothing for a brief period. Never had the issue with LTE.
  • It's probably your MCU1/daughterboard.
  • @"" - I think the OP was talking about the “Vehicle connection error” in the app. I’m sure you’ve seen that before. 🙂
  • @EVRider - I think you're right, but I've actually never seen that message in the app either. I must live a sheltered life :)
  • I've seen the error, but it's usually (not always) due to Tesla server issues.
  • I have had that error more frequently recently when trying to connect to my Model S (but oddly not our Model X). A reboot of the vehicle always rectifies the issue. Model S is parked with WiFi or normal cellular signal.
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