Small Apartment Carport in Need of 4 Tesla Chargers. How Do I Do This?

I have a small apartment complex with a carport that is in need of an electrical outlet upgrade to accommodate up to 4 Tesla charging outlets. Does Tesla make a wall circuit / breaker panel to accommodate this? Any information on how to achieve this would be much appreciated. Thank you.


  • There is nothing special about making EV connections available. They don't even need to be Tesla specific. For example, you could install 4 NEMA 14-50 connections. Any electrician can do that and install the necessary breaker panel. If you'd like to be Tesla specific, you could have your electrician install four HPWCs. These are about $500 each:
  • As @"" suggests: Any licensed electrician can do this. Putting in 4 NEMA 14-50 outlets as suggested would need 200 extra amps in your service panels or each unit would need 50 extra amps. This might require an upgrade from the power company.
  • Better off with which has excellent solutions that allow you all kinds of flexibility such as tenant codes to use, time of use, even billing.

    Give them a call they'll organize everything including a contractor and applicable credits.
  • 14-30 dryer outlets would be less taxing and might save a major panel upgrade.
  • Zero need for any sort of charger “solution.” The charger is in the car. Just a plain vanilla outlet is all you need.
  • > @Bighorn said: > Zero need for any sort of charger “solution.” The charger is in the car. Just a plain vanilla outlet is all you need."

    That's a simplistic view.

    1. Ability to give tenants a code to charge.
    2. Ability to open to public (which can garner local/state/utility credits)
    3. Ability to bill per charge.
    4. Ability to monitor usage.
    5. Maintenance and support 24/7.
  • 6. and very expensive charging for those that use it.

    Chargepoint sort of sucks when an easy, low-cost NEMA 14-50 solution is available. Even Tesla destination chargers would be dramatically cheaper in the long run than going with an expensive Chargepoint solution, and a lot easier to use too. I like just plug in and charge with Tesla's solutions.
  • What was it about the OP's post that made fish think they need a commercial solution?
  • Because part of Fishy’s mission is to make EVs unattractive. And having every charging point be an expensive, slow, fragile commercial solution is one way to do that. I’m surprised he hasn’t recommended that everyone install a Chargepoint in their own garage.
  • He doesn’t even appear to be cognizant of whether he has home charging or not. Hardly an authority.
  • Look at the Gen 3 Wall Connector Manual pg 24 "Power Sharing Setup with Sub-Panel"

    The example they give may fit your situation perfectly. Once the promised Power Sharing is available in a future over-the-air firmware update each user can get up to 48 amp charging. Until the up date is available you would have to software limit each circuit to 16 amp charging.

    This design would also allow you to add future outlets to the sub-panel without upgrading the 100 A sub-panel feeder breaker.
  • > @"" said: > 6. and very expensive charging for those that use it. “

    You set the price. I think its fair to set price to recover install and operating costs.

    With six homes sharing, you want to be able to easily monitor and assign usage. Look at charging patterns. Nice to have billing and operations tools.
  • Or not have to pay for commercial chargers to begin with so no cost to recoup. You don’t know the situation so shut up already.
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