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Homelink module missing from a CPO vehicle

Bought a 2019 CPO, homelink button is on screen, but I never got it working. Called Tech, came out, found out the whole module is missing and wires just left hanging down. We conjected previous owner kept it for themselves... no clue.

The tech has never seen/heard this issue before and don't know if it'll be covered by Tesla.

I'm hopeful but I can imagine them saying: the homelink feature is now an add-on, so you'll have to buy it again. :(


  • I guess the issue is whether Tesla sold it to you with the statement that it included homelink.
  • true - the icon was on the screen when I checked it out - implying that the feature existed before I took delivery of the vehicle. That's what I'm hoping they'll agree with.
  • I would be surprised if they would short change you. Sounds like you have a solid case.
  • Car didn’t come with the module - but Tesla management said they will provide because I thought it came with it and had tried multiple times to pair it with my garage
  • Great. Glad they took care of it for you!
  • And it's _this_. Tesla came through. They do that a lot, you know.
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