Selling mu 3 to get a Y

Don't know if this happened to others. We bought a 3 at the dealership/display center in downtown Boston. We told the sales guy what we were looking for (nothing fancy) and wound up with a Tesla 3, which we love. Except we are a family with 5, with dogs, and with lots to carry around and much travel in Vermont. Turns out we really need more room and the higher carriage (for vermont dirt roads). Stupid us, we were so eager to by the lowest price Tesla, we didn't even realize there was a Y. If only the sales guy had told us. But, our bad.
So sadly we are thinking of selling our 3-- it's a 2020, long range AWD, white exterior, black interior, 9,100 miles on odometer, no additional options-- it wound up costing us 50,000 (46,900 plus another 4100 for taxes and fees). So much for the '$35,000' that brought us to the display room. A new Y (long range AWD) will cost us about 54,000 (including 4100 in taxes and fees.)
My thoughts: I'd be willing to take maybe a $10-12000 loss in total (ouch!). So if the basic AWD Y is going to cost us about 54,000 (including fees), we'd need to sell our 3 for maybe $43,000.
Is that a reasonable price, or I'm a stuck with the sedan when we need more of a family car? Any thoughts, advice, or sympathy welcome.


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