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2019 X performance P100D range/battery

My october 2019 P100d currently has a max range of 297miles when fully charged. I see the current rated range on sale is 346.
Im sure mine was rated at 336 miles range new, and there has been updates to extend range?
I dont think there is any hardware differences battery wise in the 2 years?
Its only done 14k miles.

Was wondering if anyone has similar age to compare?
Going by some of the battery degradation charts out there, 15% degradation at 14k miles seems alot.
Real life range is only about 160-170 miles. I have the 22” wheels so expect that reduce it a little.
And we do live in scotland so need some degree of heating. But this real life range is when im trying hardest to get the most out of it with range mode on.

Any comparisons?

What tools are recommended to see the actual useable capacity of the battery compared to rated capacity?


  • The 2019 X P100D was 289 miles
    Then the 2019 X Performance (after May 2019) was 305 miles
    Then the 2020 X Performance (after October 2020) is 341 miles

    So it is likely you have the 305-mile version. I can't find any version that had 336 miles range.
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