Model S

Font made bigger?!

Seems after installing 2020.48.35.5., the teenie speed font had been made bigger. My aging eyes collectively breathe a sign of relief.


  • yeah, heard that. but there's also a group that had the ear and next update makes it small again.

    It wasn't simply making the letters smaller. It was making more geography available for the screen to display nav and visualizations.
  • > @CF said:
    > Seems after installing 2020.48.35.5., the teenie speed font had been made bigger.

    Thanks for this post - this is the information I've been looking for,
  • Confirmed. Definitely bigger after installing the above update.
  • I have 2020 48.35.5. But my fonts are really tiny, I can barely see them. Who in the world would do such a thing ? Almost got into an accident on the Freeway at night , pouring rain, accidently touched something and my car started to slow down with everything flashing on the dash board. Luckily was in the right most lane and I pulled on the shoulder and realized that my car had gone in the N mode. the fonts are so small that I can barely see them. Its totally ridiculous who so ever writes the software for Tesla. Every time I drive my car, it stresses me out. I wish and hope Tesla would fix the problem as quickly as they can. I'm too frustrated.
  • I think they were trying to make more room by moving things around and closer. The intent was to increase the geography available for FSD. If you have seen some of the FSD Beta IC action it might make more sense.
  • The fonts in 2020.48.35.5 are not tiny. Are you sure that’s the version you have? The previous update made the fonts smaller, but 48.35.5 made them larger again. I don’t see how the smaller fonts could be a safety issue, since that was on instrument panel display.
  • Staying on 48.12.1....thats my solution...
  • > @Aerodyne said:
    > Staying on 48.12.1....thats my solution...

    Same here as long as I can. Waiting for my new MCU2. Not sure what version I will have then.
  • I stayed on 48.12.1 until it started being reported that 48.35.5 had enlarged the fonts. I'm OK with 48.35.5, and my wife likes it.
  • Getting black screen last few days, don't think the chip will take another update...
  • Aerodyne - they are still denying you a new daughterboard?
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