Model 3

What is most enoying thing on your tesla model 3?

I dont like how left leg sit righ on the door handle, after awhile it gets super uncomfortable and painful.

I dont like the suspension, i feel every bump.

I dont like how seatbelt of the passenger side wiggles while driving and touch the plastic which provides some clicky noise.

I dont like the fact if you have usb cable you cant close the front console.

I dont like the mirrors, very small.

Ps. I am 5.1/210lb if that helps on the first complaint.

Anyway i love my tesla and it is the best car i ever driven.


  • enoying?

    That’s something between enjoying and annoying? :)

    I can appreciate some of the things you pointed out, but that’s just the car. I can’t see how Tesla can help you with your preferences.

    If it helps, I run a usb cable from and rear vents. That’s a solution to close your center console.

    My most annoying problem: I haven’t found a good place to put my vent clip air fresheners :)
  • Glad you like your car; what are the things you like that made you buy it?

    Passenger seatbelt should not be rattling like that. Tesla has extra fabric on it to mitigate that contact point. If yours still rattles, reposition the seatbelt height and add some felt tape strategically to solve that one. Easy.

    The suspension is consistent with a sportier car. All cars of this type have more road feel. Did you test drive before you bought? If not maybe you should have. If you did, I guess you decided to overlook the ride. Right?

    USB cable: it is what it is. Not unique to Tesla though. But yeah, if you use this set up a lot, sure.

    Mirrors are fine for me. No problems whatsoever.

    Since you mention your size, 5’ 1” and 210 pounds, I would say that is maybe why your first complaint exists. Have you tried adjusting your seat?
    I am almost your weight (205) but a full foot taller at 6’ 1” and have no issue with my body parts squeezing against any part of the car.

    Again, would enjoy reading what you love about your car, what makes it the best you have driven?
  • I suggest you try the USB phone charger cable, available from the Tesla online store for $14. It integrates with the front console so it does not interfere with opening or closing the console cover.
    I also suggest nobody buy a $50k vehicle unless they have first taken one for a test drive.
  • 1. No emissions EV with good range and public charging system.
    2. Satellite nav pic.
    3. Go kart handling.

    Subaru is still the best car I've owned for reliability, safety and winter weather performance.
  • Not having the spare tire and then calling Tesla's roadside assistance and the person on the line telling me that the road I was in was restricted. It is one of the most used highways in Miami (836). I solved that by getting AAA and buying a Modernspare kit with the carrying case. I hope I never have to use it but it is a good insurance policy I think. I still like the car and how quick it is compared to other non EV. And finally the battery use miles do not equal driving miles and by a large percentage.
  • "Anyway i love my tesla and it is the best car i ever driven."

    I completely agree with the above statement except that I can't think of one single thing that I don't like about my M3 let alone five.
  • Other than posts from FishEv, I don’t find anything annoying about my Tesla.
  • Three weeks in with my used M3 and I love almost everything about it. I keep finding excuses to take it out for a ride. I’ve driven SUVs for the last ten years, which were more luxe, but no fun at all. My only minor annoyance so far is that the material covering the trunk floor seems to trap dirt. I put liners in the passenger compartment, and I will now order one for the trunk.
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    The only annoying thing that comes to mind is the lag while it wakes up after being parked for a while that prevents me opening the door.
  • Hell, after three years there’s a bunch of things that annoy me, but I’m a crotchety old b*stard on my best days. It’s still the best car I’ve ever owned.

    Let’s see, what’s on my list?
    1. Closing the frunk is annoying. Two hands and no slamming? Really?
    2. MP3 playback.
    3. Media playback isn’t personalized. My wife drives the car and switches to FM, I get in and have to switch it back to USB and it loses my place.
    4. FSD isn’t here yet.
    5. I can’t see my brake lights on the display. They blend in with my red car.
    6. The physical brake lights seem insufficient to me. I like my Expedition - when I step on the brakes, roughly 10 square feet light up.
    7. I didn’t get AWD or P, so when I hit a freeway on-ramp with no one in front of me my grin isn’t as wide as it could be.
    8. The backgammon game cheats.
    9. Auto lane change can be rude.
    10. There are times I’d prefer a softer suspension, but I knew that I was buying a sports sedan and the suspension I’ve got is far better than I expected.
  • > @Frank99 said:
    > 8. The backgammon game cheats.

    Lol, really? Or are you just bad at the game?
  • @Frank99 ” Closing the frunk is annoying. Two hands and no slamming? Really?”

    I close mine with one hand; I spread my fingers wide.
  • Close trunk by placing one hand on license plate and pushing closed. Works great and no touching paint.
  • Poor quality. Tesla junk.
  • >>> Lol, really? Or are you just bad at the game?
    I'm not an expert, but I am an engineer and good at probabilities. Let's just say that on the higher levels, it has improbably good luck at rolling the dice.
  • > @M3phan said:
    > Close trunk by placing one hand on license plate and pushing closed. Works great and no touching paint.

    Is that something, which annoys you?

    Do you have a solution for the frunk?
  • @AllenO, oh, no, that’s something that doesn’t annoy me. Lol. That’s a tip I found and use on how to close my trunk without touching the paint. 👍🏼

    The frunk: I don’t use it.
  • > @vmulla_98067114 said: > enoying?


    1. No blind spot alert
    2.No lane keeping alert
    3.No rear cross traffic alert
    4.Flakey adaptive cruise
    5.Front proximity blindness (curbing front of the car)
    6.Paint issues mostly rocker cover.
    7.No sat radio which means no sports radio or NFL games for me.
    8.No inline screen
    9.Need for dedicated controls for wipers, shift, mirrors, radio, cruise.
    10. Snow Mode, Fresh Air Mode, Car Wash mode.

    Spent $1.5k fixing 1-3 with BLIS/RCTA and wide view mirror on driver's side.
  • I wish that my Model 3 were more plush (i.e., luxuriously comfortable).

    Yes, I know that it’s not built to be plush. That’s why I’m considering cross-shopping it against a Mercedes E450. If my wife likes driving the Benz, that’s what we’ll get.

    My dad used to prefer plush cars. I made fun of him when he traded-in his Mercedes SL500 for a Lexus LS400. Now that I’m older, I appreciate his preference. I’m more chauffeur than race car driver these days, anyway.
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