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Spotify premium account problems

So my premium Spotify account stops playing after a few songs in my car. No help from Spotify support, but they did promise to send info to Tesla.

I have logged out of my premium acc in the car and started using the included Spotify account in the car. But that car account can’t search and find my public playlists from my premium account.. So Spotify is useless for me in my car, and no help from support at Tesla or Spotify.

It would be nice if Tesla gave me the option to use Apple Music, since Spotify are so unstable..
Now I am just streaming from Apple Music on my phone, but I rather use the infotainment and included apps...

I have tried to logout/in and reset with the two wheels on the steering wheel, but no luck.

Anyone else experiencing same problems?


  • It’s been reported in the media that support for Apple Music is coming.
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