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New dashboard font size

Sam you made the font too small ! older people have to squint to see vital functions. Older people are more likely to afford a model S. So, not well thought out.


  • Who’s Sam?
  • Sam's the guy that created the new display interface. People have been bitching about his work for a few weeks now.
  • He should be fired.
  • Fixed with the latest update
  • What, Sam got fixed? Talk about punishment!
    2020.48.35 is better for our eyes....
  • 35.5 made it better Sam. Thx
  • With the new software download, I got so frustrated when I saw the new font size. Its really crazy who so ever does the design. Really stupid. What do they expect, people to have hawk eyes ? I'm in my 60s and my eye sight is not bad but I was mad and shocked when I saw tiny fonts for the stuff which should be highlighted in bold letters. The size for speed limit is fine, it should be that bold but the battery and pnrd are just way too small. I hope Tesla will fix the problem. I'm too frustrated.
  • I have the latest software, that's how I got the tiniest fonts. Fix them immediately.
  • Just wait. You'll get an update that fixes that. Unfortunately the PRND is still on the wrong (left) side.
  • I have 2020.48.35.5 and the font size had been fixed.
  • Happy to see a small font thread bumped :-)
  • > @TranzNDance said:
    > I have 2020.48.35.5 and the font size had been fixed.

    Thats what I have and the font size is not fixed. Still too small.
  • The font size issue is serious and I don't think Tesla has addressed properly. And it's not just fonts, its also colors and contrast. I rode in a friends Bolt the other day and the interface was much clearer. Tesla has done many things well, but the interface needs attention and SOON.
  • Tesla addressed the font size with an update weeks ago. Not sure why we are still talking about it.
  • > @"nick.crookston_98473311" said:
    > > @TranzNDance said:
    > > I have 2020.48.35.5 and the font size had been fixed.
    > Thats what I have and the font size is not fixed. Still too small.

    Please confirm that you actually have 48.35.5. Not sure why it would be fixed for everyone else but not you. Try rebooting if you haven't already.
  • I think that maybe he means that the fonts are not the same size as they were before the font sizes were changed. I hope that makes sense? I can tell on mine that things like the battery fonts are smaller than before the changes were made.
  • Is the PRND indicator on the Left or Right side of the Instrument Cluster?
  • Left side.
  • I like my indicators on the right....going to stay on the 2/3s of the other 85 pack folks.
  • Oh, just got the notice to update to 37.1.

    No frigging way I'm doing that.

    Wonder if there is a voice command to close "update window"

    "Command not available". Figures...
  • If you don’t want updates, don’t connect the car to WiFi. You won’t get map updates either, but maybe you’re okay with that.
  • Aerodyne - Any progress on your MCU1 daughterboard?
  • I just had a software update, the font size didnt change. Why can't they make a permanent change in all the softwares ? Im so frustrated to see the tiny fonts. I don't know how people are getting bigger fonts ? Nothing has changed in the new software.
  • How do I download a specific version of software to get bigger fonts ? someone please help
  • It will come to you, eventually.
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