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Heated seats randomly turn on

Is anyone having this issue? I'm doing nothing but driving, touching nothing and it's getting hot... Note, I'm in Hawaii... No need to bother with seat heating. I notice heated seats On. Happened a few times. Very annoying.


  • Does the display icon agree with the state of the seat heater?
  • I've accidently turned them on. My butt gets warm and I look and see that it is on. I think it is do to accidently touching them. However I'm not sure if you have them turned on when getting out of the car if it saves it like a seat or mirror setting and turns them on when you start the car again.
  • Are you sure they weren't turned on when preconditioning the cabin?
  • FWIW: The SO and I have two profiles on the car, natch. If, when she's the passenger, she turns her seat heater on, that gets retained when she's _not_ there because, well, it's under my profile. And vice versa; when she's the driver, her seat always has the seat heater on because that's how she like it.
    However, if there's a case where the car doesn't recognize the driver, then it picks the last known profile and uses that, which means $RANDOM seat heater on mode. Um. Something like that happening to the OP?
  • I'm the only driver of the car. I've never preconditioned the cabin as far as I know other than cool it off when it's over 100 f, and I happen to think about it.
    Again, I'm in Hawaii, it's always hot and I never go near the heated seats. I do, however, hit the temperatures up and down, yet, it seems to come one when I'm not even touching the screen at all.
  • @Ibowroom, yes, it's the confirmation that indeed my ass is getting warm. Lol. I look up and see the red. I wish my m3 had cooled seats. =-/
  • I was wondering if the display agreed that the seat heater is on. Since it does, that rules out a shorted heating circuit. So it’s down to software, wandering fingers, inadvertent voice commands, or someone purposely or accidentally activating seat heater on the app.
  • Hmm, don't see anything for controlling heater in the app. Just climate on /off and defrost.
    I'm starting to think it was me tapping the temperature icon and somehow hitting the seats which are next to it. Which, when I first get into the hot car, I'll do. Inadvertently tapping too far left.... Not realizing heated seats were on until far down the road. Hopefully, such is the case. My progressive forgetfulness vs a malfunctioning Tesla is easier to deal with. =-)
  • After you turn climate on, you can control the heated seats
  • Why do you tap the temperature every time? It’s automatic.
  • > @zerogravitydrgn said:
    > Why do you tap the temperature every time? It’s automatic.

    Some people don’t use Auto. I switch off auto from time to time
  • @bradbomb we are fundamentally different people. I’ve never run manual, the horror that would be :)
  • Sometimes I like no air, sometimes I like cold air even when it’s cold outside and in. I do use Auto more than I used to (which was never for my first year of ownership)
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