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Actual Range and Cost to Charge a Model X Long Range Plus

I purchased a new Tesla Model X Long Range Plus, claiming an estimated range of 597kms, in Dec 2020. Prior to purchasing the car I tried to find out what kind of range people were getting practically with their cars - no success.

So here it is: 97.3kms with an estimated 60kms left at charging on an 80% charge (504kms estimated).

This is in the winter (Ontario). The average daily temperature ranged from -7 degrees C (lows) to 6 degrees C (highs) - note: this is pretty mild for the end of January here. I do not drive aggressively. I try to be conservative with the heating and features I have active in the car. This is all city driving - I drive to and from work (approx. 10kms round trip). I cannot plug the car in at home or work.

I've had the car for 5 weeks. I've charged it 5 times to the tune of $118.05 plus $10.50 in parking fees. It's been driven a total of 685kms to date according to my app.


  • My 2020 X Long Range comes with free Super Charging, so I try to take advantage of that and plug in at home to keep it at 80% for battery life. You are spot on relative to temperature and power. Winter seats on, steering wheel on and hear set to 72-74F depending on the day. Long trip to South Carolina this past year (2020), i was easily getting 300 miles, probably more if I had A/C off and was not driving half the trip with lights on or experiencing the quick acceleration (it was a new toy). I did have range mode on and found that the software does err on getting you nervous to charge. As example, the car said I could not make it home from Delaware, 280 miles away with about 80% charge. I ended up getting home with no issues without a charge. My 2 cents.
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