Model 3

Quality of fit and finish.

I have owned my Tesla model 3 for one month now. After two weeks of ownership I had it Ceramic coated.
When I went to pick up the car after coating the guy went over the whole car with me in detail.
After two weeks there were thousands of rock chips in the paint. The front fenders, the hood and most of all the lower side panels. The fenders and hood had about a dozen small to medium chips but the lower side panels of the car were almost completely covered with tiny chips.
The paint on these cars is some of the thinnest paint he sees in the industry, when he placed his paint thickness gauge, ultrasonic I believe, on different parts of the tesla, they had markedly thinner coatings than his Nissan and Buick. He coats a lot of Teslas and they are always the same, very poor paint quality. In the door jams, by the hinges the paint is more overspray than painted with the undercoat clearly visible. The lack of double door seals leaves all of the door sills filthy due to infiltration of dirt and water. The body lines and gaps around doors, trunk and frunk lids are inconsistent to say the least, especially where the rear doors interface with the rear fender by the glass. The frunk lid is lower on one side than the other, the rear door handles are recessed instead of flush and the list goes on.
For a "luxury" car we are getting a bunch of gizmos and farting seats with very little attention to quality of build. I feel somewhat let down that the richest man in the world, the man who can land rocket engines back on earth to reuse and has sent his own roadster to the outer reaches of the galaxy can't spend a little extra on fit, finish and paint quality.
I love my Tesla, but these things, I feel, should be addressed, or could be addressed.
I wish I could post pictures, as they say, "..... are worth a thousand words..." but I can't even search the forums, never mind post pictures.


  • OK I just found the search forums bar..... but I can't edit my post.....
  • Has all the buzzwords a troll would use.

    'I love my Tesla but it is a POS' LOL
  • All that damage in two weeks? I've had mine for two years and have never noticed a chip. Also, I find the panel alignment to be excellent. Perhaps there is/was a paint change during production? Mine is a late 2019.
  • Completely covered?
    After two and a half years I only have three tiny chips on the hood. My red multicoat looks awesome.
  • PS: I live in a metro area, lots of freeway driving, lots of potential for high speed tiny rock debris, and only 3 small chips.
  • Are you driving behind dump trucks full of rocks? Do you floor it down stone roadways? How did you get 1000's of chips in 2 weeks?

    I have had my car since June. Been hit by rocks 4 times but still no chips. Maybe your car has a bad paint job, but you made a big mistake in having it Ceramic Coated before you brought it to Tesla's attention. If the paint is defective they will fix it but your not going to get the money for your coating back. The guy who coated it for you should have called you when he noticed the issue.

    I am also not having any issues with dirt/water infiltration. I get some dirt up to the seal but not past it. My fit and finish is very good.
    Did you not use the recommended check list when you picked up your car? Did you not notice your fit and finish issues yourself when you picked up the car?

    If you want to post pictures you can use and then just post the link here.

    I really want to give you the benefit of the doubt but you fit the Troll mold perfectly. You joined yesterday and your first post is nothing but a rant that includes a bunch of incorrect/unsubstantiated information.

    Send us some pictures so we can see what your talking about and maybe we can provide some advice.
  • Tesla thin paint? Nope. Myth is busted here with actual measurements, as well as compared to other vehicles. Go to the 6:38 mark in the video for the results chart.
  • Paint is under clear coat. Depth of paint layer is irrelevant to chipping.
  • Weird. Mine looks great. I must have won the paint lottery.
  • > @"Magic 8 Ball" said:
    > Has all the buzzwords a troll would use.
    > 'I love my Tesla but it is a POS' LOL

    If he never returns, we will have the answer
  • > @"stingray.don_98527447" said:
    > If he never returns, we will have the answer

    If if they do it is always the same format. The one about paint used to a popular troll, haven’t seen it for a while.
  • I’m not sure if the OP is a troll or a Mongolian Idiot. The high winds of the Gobi Desert can create sandstorms capable of damaging paint from any manufacturer’s car.
  • When my 2020 M3 was a week old my son and I were driving down a two lane highway around 55 mph. We came over a rise and were suddenly driving on loose pea gravel as the road had just been resurfaced. There was no warning and no time to slow down.

    Needless to say the car was peppered with hundreds if not thousands of small stones before we could slow down enough to not kick up any more stones. When we got to a place where we could get out to see how much damage was done, we were both surprised to find zero chips or marks of any kind anywhere on the car.

    No more poor paint quality stories please. I won't believe a single one of them.
  • WOW! can't edit.... or delete it!
    Thanks for the feedback. I will just look for answers from now on, instead of asking for them, or sharing my view. I'm no troll, I have only owned my car a month and was just sharing my view. Not meaning to cause a big stir. No gravel roads, but lots of rock salt and snow in its first month. Like I said, I wish I could add pictures. I bought the touch up paint kit, but then had the car coated. I've never been near the Gobi or Mongolia, so I guess I'm the idiot. I'll think before I type next time.
  • > @BiggiE said: > Not meaning to cause a big stir.”

    You didn’t. Legit concerns. Google Tesla Paint Problems.

    The local fanbois take any problems with Teslas very personally and get defensive.

    Paint has been an issue with Teslas from the get go. Guy in Finland got gov’t involved and got a standards test which confirmed thin paint coverage.

    Tesla did this last winter. After seeing it, I added good my flaps,, not the ones Tesla provides in Canada.

    I also had the rocker cover PPF’d. I had previously did a full font PPF of the car.

    “Tesla Will Pay For Mudflaps In Canada: Generosity Or Strategy?”
  • If you did start in with BS it would have been different for you. Claims of thin paint have been debunked hundreds of time and M3phan included a link, I suggest you watch.
  • > @BiggiE said:
    >Like I said, I wish I could add pictures.

    As I mentioned in my post above
    If you want to post pictures you can use and then just post the link here.
  • Fish is present, as is its wont when (a) it can make a mountain out of a molehill and (b) ding on newbies. Public Service Announcement:
    FISHEV is a known troll of several years standing and several user
    names who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please
    take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may
    suggest, and do not let him implant any Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt
    about Tesla or your car into your own opinion.
    Currently, the thinking is that Fishy is not a natural human being, but rather several employees of a shill firm paid to disrupt the forums, discourage potential buyers, affect the stock price, and in general malign Tesla. Word choice, grammar, and spelling seem to indicate several authors using the same login. Unlikely that Fishy's even got a Tesla. Note that Fishy has been booted from the Ford BEV forums for similar antics.

    Got a 2018 M3 LR RWD picked up in September of that year. There may be a ding or two on the car, but nothing like what the OP is reporting. The car did get hit by a rock from a dump truck, spalling the windshield in a non-repairable place in 1st Q of 2019, repaired after the insurance paid the deductible.
  • I’m not claiming Tesla can’t have the occasional bad paint job. Unfortunate when it happens. I’m simply providing a link that debunks the broader myth that Tesla paint is somehow inferior. It isn’t.
  • Inferior paint has been a Tesla issue since day one and it has not improved much. Do a quick search if you don’t believe it.

    Tesla faces class action lawsuit over Model 3 paint issues in cold weather.
  • Howie how many have signed up to participate with the angry Canadian and his lawsuit?
  • andrew_98625003,

    Weren’t you the one that tried to convince everyone of unintended acceleration, when such claims have been proven false?

    I’m not bashing anyone. I just want to see pictures. The OP was told how to post and even provided a link to an image hosting service. OP claims to have pics but won’t come back and post them. That just seems very odd to me.
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