Wall Connector Version

How do figure what version of wall connector I have? We recently bought a second Tesla and need a new HPWC. I understand I can load share off a single circuit. What is the minimum version HPWC required to load share? Can a version 1 wall connector load share with the latest wall connector on the Tesla Shop? Thanks in advance!


  • The latest Wall Connector (Gen 3) uses wireless technology for load sharing, so it can't share with an older model. If your current Wall Connector doesn't have WiFi capability, it's not a Gen 3. If you need an older one, there are still people selling older unused Wall Connectors that they got as referral awards. I don't know if Gen 1 connectors can load share the with Gen 2, but chances are they can.
  • I do not believe Gen 1 can load share. Best to get one that matches the one you have.
  • Gen 1 does NOT load share.
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