Model S

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Battery draining fast on model s 2017 100d

In cold conditions


  • And even faster if you're traveling 155 mph in a headwind in cold conditions!
  • Turn your cabin heat down a few degrees and use the heated seats (and steering wheel) instead. it uses significantly less energy.
  • Range mode, if you have it, is effective in reducing excessive HVAC consumption.
  • Make sure to do a good preconditioning before driving if it’s below 0c. The battery heater kills range fast! Also as others mentioned - use dear and steering wheel heaters. I keep the cabin heat at 18 or 19c in the winter and its fine. Even with all the preheating and low heat use, I’ll loose about 40% on the highway on cold winter days. Half of that is going 130km/hr other half is the cold.
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