Premium Connectivity compared to my cell phone's wifi

I have Premium Connectivity, but I would like to have better connectivity, especially when surfing on
Would using my cell phone's wifi be a good solution?
Also, how do I objectively compare the speed of my cell phone's wifi compared to the speed of Premium Connectivity (I do not know Tesla's cellular network provider in Quebec)?
thank you,


  • Premium Connectivity doesn't change your cellular service, it only determines which services you can use via cellular. You won't get satellite map views or live traffic display without Premium Connectivity.

    It's inconvenient to use a phone hotspot while driving, and it might be expensive depending on your data plan. Tesla uses AT&T's network in the US -- I don't know who they use in Canada, but I suspect it's AT&T there.

    I think you'll find it's not worth trying to use a hotspot instead of Premium, but it's up to you.
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