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90% Listed Range Miles M3P

I am coming up on 30k miles and 90% range is now down to about ~240 miles on model 3 performance. 100% is about 260-265. What is everyone else seeing out there?

Yes I am aware it’s cold outside but historically that # doesn’t change based on driving habits or temperature, rather those habits/climate change the % of miles you actually get vs listed.

No I do not want to change to % battery setting.


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  • The battery meter range is just an estimate that will be influenced by external factors such as temperature. It is not an indicator of battery health. Having said that, some degradation is normal and should be expected. If you want to improve the accuracy of the estimate, try recalibrating the BMS.
  • Your car is fine.
  • Tesla's guess-o-meter is just that, guessing. My 2018 M3 LR RD shows 303 miles at 90% and 322 when full if the outside temp is around 70 to 80 degrees.

    Now that temps in South Florida have dropped to the 50's and high 40's, it reads 289 at 90%.
    I don't even bother just like I pay no mind to my GF's indecision about winter getup.

    When the cold is gone and my M3 reads something below 280 on 90% I will worry the same way if my GF decides to got buttnaked in summer.
  • > @bryan_98205242 said: What is everyone else seeing out there?"

    I'm seeing 290 out of 310, 6% loss after 40k which puts me in bottom 30% (more degradation) vs. other Model 3's.

    You can see where your battery degradation is vs. other Model 3's via StatsApp for Tesla. also has a degradation tracker.
  • @bryan_98205242 - This article I wrote explains the range indicator and how it can be inaccurate and lower than reality:

    Range accuracy confuses a lot of new owners. Really not a concern.
  • A very good read on the subject:
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