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Tire Hazard Warranty (not tire thread wear)

My model 3 has less than 5K miles, and one of the tires need to be replaced due to a nail on the sidewall. Tesla gave a quote of $450 for replacement. In my experience most new cars come with Hazard Warranty that is will cover unexpected tire replacement and usually covers situations like mine. The Service center said Model 3 Michelin covers only the thread wear up to 36K miles. And there wasn’t any Michelin contact information within the Tesla’s Warranty booklet. Any information and guidance is much appreciated.

The new set of 4 Tires at Costco is about $900 to $1000 and does come with the hazard warranty for the first 2 years or 24k miles. So thinking to go for a full set and save the current three for later. Though...


  • Sorry for the problem you had. I've never heard of OEM tires from any brand of car covering sidewall damage. Some dealers do offer an optional tire warranty, but I've never bought them. These warranties seemed overpriced to me. It's been 12+ years since I've gotten any tire damage, so I skip extra cost warranties. Costco does have good pricing, and you might see if they can sell you a single tire.
  • I would check with a tire shop, they are more expensive than Costco but you should be able to buy one tire that matches the OEM tires. $450 for a replacement tire sounds really excessive.
  • +1 What said.

    My last car, the dealer tried to sell me the tire hazard warranty. I passed and only got the Tread wear coverage that comes from the tire manufacturer. Of course like you I damaged the side wall on a tire, but had to replace 2 tires since my existing wear was a lot more than your 5k. With the amount of wear I had, just replacing 1 tire would unbalance things. So even if I had the hazard insurance I still would need to buy 1 of the 2 replacement tires. Also remember if you buy tire hazard insurance its only good for THAT set of tires. It doesn't continue if you replace them when they wear out. And they only reimburse you for what tread remains on the damaged tire. So if your tire was warrantied for 35,000 miles and you already drove 5000 miles you would have gotten 6/7ths of the tire cost back.

    If I had the insurance I probably would have made out. But that was my only tire problem in 25+ years up until the pothole that killed 2 tires on my M3 recently, but the state repaid me for that. So I will continue to decline tire hazard insurance if its offered.
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