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2013 Tesla S 85 worth it?

Hello, currently debating the purchase of an 2013 S85 60000km. I was wondering if anyone had any tips.

The car is being sold by a dealership with 5 year right of complaint. No rust, and no chips in the paint. And is going in for service in 2 weeks. The car has been stored in a garage trough out it’s life. And was previously owned by an elderly couple.

Current price 309,000Nok = 30,900US
Any ideas for what to look for or ask/check before purchasing?

Thank you.


  • When you say "being sold by a dealership" do you mean a Tesla store? There won't be any rust because the car is 100% aluminum.

    Ask if the original drive unit was replaced. The early DUs, more specifically the motor, developed a milling noise because of the steel ball bearings they used in the motors bearings. They redesigned it to have ceramic bearings.
  • That seems really expensive to me, at least in the US. I’m thinking of selling my 2017 75D with full self driving, free supercharging and a 4 year/100K extended warranty and 42K miles. Tesla offered me $37K. If I sell it private I might get $45K if I’m lucky. I think you can find other similar cars. The extra $14K gets you a whole lot more.
  • A third party dealer might lose the lifetime free supercharging perk.
  • The FUSC should be tied to the VIN regardless of seller, but it would be a good idea to try it out on a Supercharger before you buy if that's possible. What Tesla gives can be taken away. Also, be aware there was a firmware update to that vintage of MS that throttles back the rate of charge when Supercharging and also reduced the range when charging to 100%. That range reduction goes beyond the normal loss of capacity. Tesla says they did that to prolong the life of the battery. Supercharger spacing is much closer in most locales these days so if you can live with the extra time it will take to Supercharge, the range reduction is not that big of a deal.
  • It’s not tied to the vin. Tesla routinely removes the capability in cars that have gone through a third party, as mentioned above.
  • Actually, as I understand it, the only cases of FUSC being removed is if Tesla takes a trade-in, and then later sells it. When a trade-in is sold by Tesla at auction without FUSC, dealers sometimes pick these up. In one case, the dealer incorrectly claimed it had FUSC when it didn't.

    Now Tesla could have included FUSC, which would have generated a higher price at auction. It is unclear if the dealer passes the price savings to the buyer. I think the concern Tesla has is having old Teslas used as cabs or Ubers that get unlimited free fuel. That was never Tesla's intention for FUSC, but this is one way to reduce major future expenses.
  • That makes sense for Tesla. I guess there is always a way to game anything despite best intentions from Tesla.
  • I purchased a used 2013 and one of the most important things is to get the service records. They are loaded with useful information i.e. drive unit replacement. I love my 13!
  • I would first check the battery capacity. Particularly as you are in Norway? I have a 2014 S85 with 68000 km on the clock in NE US where it is also cold right now. The battery loses about 30% of its capacity in winter here such that my basic 85% battery range is now only about 170 miles (275 km). When it was new, even in winter it would have been 230-240 miles.
  • > @dsteal said:

    > I’m thinking of selling my 2017 75D with full self driving, free supercharging and a 4 year/100K extended warranty and 42K miles. Tesla offered me $37K. If I sell it private I might get $45K if I’m lucky. I think you can find other similar cars. The extra $14K gets you a whole lot more.
    Just today i got almost the exact same offer for my 2016 90D with FSD and 4 year/100K extended warranty as a trade in for a new S-LR that i ordered yesterday. Long story but it will work out to right at $38,500 when i get delivery of the S-LR. So i will try and sell my present Tesla privately. When i bought the car as of March 31, 2017, a demo model, i think i got unlimited supercharging for life - which i think follows me but may have followed the car and pretty sure the FSD and extended warranty also followed the car. BUT Tesla took all that information off my account between mid-2017 and now - including the fact that i even bought the extended warranty and also prepaid for 4 semi-annual service check-ups. (Didn’t get 2 of the check-ups because Tesla stopped recommending the regular check-ups.). I called Highland Park, IL 3-4 times in the past two days and also tried the web chat and the people I spoke with referred me back to the Tesla website or gave conflicting information. It is possible to reach someone higher up in Tesla who cares enough to look into this and will give me the honest straight answers?
  • I have similar stuff. I was told to email [email protected] It took almost 2 weeks but I did get a helpful response.

    I’m a little worried about taking private payment for this sum. So I think I will end up trading the Model S in once I finally decide on my next car.
  • Apparently [email protected] is no longer monitored. Below is message i got back when i tried to write to that email address just now:

    Thank you for contacting Tesla. This email address is no longer monitored.

    Visit our Support Site to learn more about our products or services or to find answers to commonly asked questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us to ask a question. You will need to log into your Tesla Account to ask a question — this is so we know who we’re speaking to and can help you quicker.

    Schedule a test drive to experience one of our vehicles or visit a store to learn about an all-electric lifestyle with the full Tesla ecosystem.
  • Unfortunately when you go to the “Support Site” you must select the topic you are writing about and there are only two choices, no “Other”. The choices are 1. Asking for info on solar products; and 2. Becoming a dealer / distributor of solar products. :frowning:
  • Something you may also try is the online chat support. I always have a hard time finding it and sometimes it's not available. But if it's there and you wait the 30 minutes or so to get someone online, they can be helpful since it's a live person behind the keyboard.
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