Model X


Hey everyone, I know there has been many posts on this but I recently bought a model x 2016 technology package. Now under the "supercharging " option "current session" it had stated " no recent supercharging " and it was charging just fine. I unplugged my car and all of sudden it started to ask for bank account Information and how I owe money? I was made aware that all of 2016 model x that had free unlimited supercharging is transferable to one owner. I am the second owner, and it was charging fine until this happened. Please let me know who I can email or call to get my unlimited free charging activated again.... im extremely disappointed, the whole reason I got the model x 2016 year was for this .... tesla customer service are extremely rude and don't care at all! Oh and not to mention, when I got the car, it was dirty, nothing inside or outside was cleaned... and there seem to be a puncture on the side of the tire that can mess the tire any day now. Im extremely disappointed at tesla and for all the reason why I wanted to join the tesla family am now just questioning....


  • Ok, it sounds like you likely got bum information. In private sales, owner to owner, with the original delivery made before 17-Jan-2017 includes transferable free Supercharging. Used cars purchased directly from Tesla, no matter the age generally does NOT include free Superchargering, but they do get the multi-year warranty.

    Look in your purchase documentation. If it states you get free unlimited Supercharging, then I'd work on Tesla, but I expect you will not find any such language. A quick look on the Tesla used car page doesn't show any of the 2016 used cars including free Supercharging.
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