I Love Chrome Trim but it's gone!

I am so disappointed that chrome trim is no longer offered. A white car with black trim looks fine but any other color, In my opinion looks awful with the black trim. I had my heart set on a black car but a black car with black trim is not what I want. Sadly this looks like it may be a deal breaker for me. Any possibility there will be a chrome option in the future? It would be worth the wait. :(


  • Yup, chrome is one of those things that some love it some hate it.
    A lot of us couldn’t care less though.
  • Hmmm...that should make used Model 3’s with the nice chrome trim and wheels more valuable.

    Fish and shiny objects.
  • Chrome lovers are currently in the minority
  • I applied 3m matte black vinyl wrap on my chrome to delete mine. Could you apply a chrome colored vinyl wrap to your trim? I would be curious if that would turn out ok
  • "Chrome delete" is just the current fad, like dark rims. Things will swing back to bright work again along with silver wheels.
  • 10 year fad? Ok I’m ready for bell bottoms again
  • And big hair
  • I wore bell bottoms! And I desire dark rims! Hmm...
  • Funny to see chrome come back. I remember ice cars having the “chrome package”. My 2020 has chrome which I like. Don’t intend to put stickers on it to cover it up. Chrome gives it a “solid” and “high tech” alert with a bit of class...
  • In 80's it was BBS "spider web" style wheels, then in 90's it was Chrome plated wheels, now it's gray/black wheels.
  • I agree with KenNJ. In fact I think most cars look better with chrome rather than black trim. And I really hate the black wheels. My 2020 M3 has chrome trim and those gorgeous 19" chrome wheels. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm 70 and hoping to keep my M3 until I'm too old to drive, but if my M3 craps out before I do I won't buy another without chrome trim and chrome wheels. No offense to all of you who prefer black trim. It's just a personal preference.
  • There's no chrome trim...on the outside of the car anymore?
  • Shel. The wheels are actually painted silver. No chrome in sight.
  • Could it be a processing issue?
    I mean with all the environmental concerns today, does the manufacturer of chrome platlng cause unnecessary environmental concerns? (Chemicals/discharge/water/by product).
    I don’t know. But I thought I remember reading years ago that the chrome plating did cause some environmental concerns. Maybe some environmentalists and chemists can chime in.
  • When will gold plating come back into style?
  • I think Cadillac is due to bring that back.

    Maybe when they contract Duracell to make their batteries...
  • Oops, Duracell makes the copper tops. Eveready makes the gold ones.
  • can I get spinners for my M3?
  • BTW, the 3 never had chrome in the first place. Not all metal that is silver in appearance is chrome. The S and X have chrome.
  • > @jimglas_98269389 said:
    > can I get spinners for my M3?

    Do you want just the spinner lock nut or the whole wheel to spin. I'm sure I can find you either one. Does it matter if it comes with a Turbo?
  • just the hub cap spinners
    wheels already go round
  • What size wheels do you have. Going to need some more information. Might need to modify your Model 3 hubcaps but I'm sure my wheel guy can do it for the right price.
  • Black and chrome is the bomb

    Rollin on chrome

    Look it up on YouTube and Groove
  • > @lbowroom said:
    > Shel. The wheels are actually painted silver. No chrome in sight.

    I realize they aren't really chrome. Nothing is made with real chromium anymore. But I wonder if they are painted or, instead, have some sort of alloy coating that gives the wheels their "chrome" look. When I was a kid, real chrome trim always pitted and rusted, so that is why auto makers have come up with different ways to create that "chrome" look.
  • I sympathize! Wish there were Chrome accessories as well.
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