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Knocking/clicking with hard acceleration?

2021 MX with 600 miles just this weekend started having a knocking/clicking sound with hard acceleration. The noise sounds "mechanical" and seems to be under the floorboard below the center console/info screen. It seems to drive normal/fine other easy/normal conditions.

I appreciate any thoughts or insights. Thank you,


  • I have a 2020 X, similar under very hard acceleration when in low suspension setting, not as noticeable in normal height. I am in the NE US so the cold weather certainly has made this apparent, never heard it when had it in SC. Folks on this forum say it is the stub shaft or drive shaft and there is Service Bulletin on it. I have seen varying levels of success, some say they had them replaced and it still there. You probably want to search this forum and become more educated, I am going from memory. My plan is to wait and see, not a major issue for me at this time, as normal fast acceleration is the best I do. good luck and please report back what you think after researching.
  • Thank you hilliard - I appreciate your insight and experience. I changed my suspension setting to normal and haven't seemed to have the issue. So, now not a major issue for me either. Best wishes, david
  • Follow-up: Car was in for Gearbox error and I asked them to see what was causing the front shudder on moderate to fast acceleration. They replaced the 1st Generation front right and left half shafts with Generation 2. We shall see if it returns over time.
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