Terrible winter efficiency from VW

“The ID.3 is *horrible* in cabin heating efficiency. Mainly due to massive losses due to a poorly insulated and leaky cabin. We tested it against other models and thermal losses were 3 to 7 times greater than other models when normalized for cabin size and surface area. Yikes...”


  • Ha ha ha ha ha when is VW going to learn how to make cars without using slave labor for design work? I think some of the prisoners are sending signals for help...
  • Nobody respects anyone on or anything from Twitter anymore....move on....
  • Somebody is on Russian Parler😂
  • Thanks for bumping this bob.

    Nobody cares about this thread because nobody GAF about VW. They have the reputation that makes the tobacco industry look like Mother Theresa.

    Everyone knows VW would pimp their mothers for nickels. And has done much worse.
  • Here’s are a real test by Battery Life one of the reputable German EV testers.

    His VW ID3 did great in the cold with its snow tires in his well documented video.

  • The VW engineers are very puzzled. Heat used to be found in such abundance in cars, they actually have to add big radiators to help evacuate heat, so why does it matter if the cabin is not well insulated to preserve heat???

    They did try adding a cheat software to give the illusion of heat but this did not work well in users tests.
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