Supercharger etiquette

While out and about in the middle of Kansas this weekend I pulled in to a SC and not one stall was in use or blocked by ICE vehicles, after a few minutes another Tesla pulls in several spots away, I head to the restrooms and on my way I look back and notice the other fellow removing the charge handle from the SC paired with the unit he was on and lay it on the ground. After returning I went straight to the SC he had “disabled” and told him what an inconsiderate worthless pile xxxxx someone must be to not hang up the charge handle when they were done, he agreed and went to the store.
Not sure if he got the point but at least he knows he got caught this time


  • Maybe he knew something you didn't about that charger and decided to just ignore your ignorant blasting of him? Or maybe he deserved it, we will never know because of the way you handled the situation.

    Maybe he saw something wrong physically with the Cable
    Maybe that charger was not working.
    Maybe a lot of other reasons which are why people lay handles on the ground.
  • Some people lay down/loop cables that aren’t working. Have never seen that happen in thousands of superchargers. V3s aren’t paired so it’s an historical anomaly yet to be remedied by modernization.
  • i have nothing to say here.

    for my education, does removing the paired cable do anything even if it is not being used? ron
  • > @rcsjr said:
    > i have nothing to say here.
    > for my education, does removing the paired cable do anything even if it is not being used? ron

    No it’s generally a sign that that particular charger is inoperable or when the cable is wrapped in itself “knotted” is another way to let others know that that particular unit isn’t up to par
  • @rcsjr
    I’ve never seen this happen and I’ve supercharged more than anybody that I’m aware of. The implication is that the person didn’t want someone sharing a supercharger. In the older supercharger setups, two pedestals share one supercharger’s power and can potentially slow your charge. It’s highly unlikely that the supposed offense would have made any difference as the first to arrive at a pair gets 75% of the available power. If you’ve walked away for any period of time, your charging taper has probably progressed enough that someone plugging in at the second stall would likely have zero impact.

    This subject is a non issue, but worth knowing about supercharger pairing because as an arriving car, you’d want to avoid pairing for your own purposes.
  • On my recent 2000 mile road trip, I did find a few stations where there were cables on the ground. On the first couple I saw I went ahead and tried to charge with them and they both repeatedly would not charge. I personally wouldn't leave a cable on the ground, especially in the winter cause of possible water intrusion making any fix possibly more complicated, but I did report the stalls as not working.

    I also wouldn't have laid into someone for doing that without getting more info. You don't know what you don't know.
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