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Who wants to see metallic silver again???

Please please please Tesla bring this color option back! Silver has always been my default color option. My current ICE car is silver with cognac interior which is an amazing combination. If the Y were to be offered like this you can take my money... Silver is usually one of the most popular colors, is easy to maintain and typically benefits the resale value. Please bring this option back!


  • Absolutely! Along with a few other nice colors. Who wants to buy a luxury car when it only comes in a very few, boring colors?
  • Silver seems outdated to me. I don't even want a silver laptop. Maybe because silver was so popular, now it seems overdone.
  • Saw two on the road yesterday always liked silver. Silver is one of the most difficult colors to get right and to match.
  • Nah..that went the way of the Honda crx
  • I like the silver too, but Tesla eliminates colors that don’t sell well to reduce production costs. Apparently not enough of your fellow owners feel the same way about silver.

    I considered silver for my first 2016 Model S, after Tesla reintroduced silver before I ordered. I looked at some silver S’s and decided to stick with my original choice of Midnight Silver Metallic (dark grey). My current S is white.
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