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Auto presenting handles

Auto present handles are on in the settings but the don’t work when I touch the handle the handle doesn’t come out I own a 2017 Tesla model s 100d


  • That's not how auto present handles works. When auto present handles is enabled, the handles should come out when you approach the car, before you touch anything. Even with auto present handles disabled, the handles should pop out when you press on them, but only if you have the key fob or the car is unlocked.

    If you had the fob with you when this happened, you might need to replace the fob battery, because it sounds like it's not being detected.
  • Yes my key fob is in the pocket and I press the handle it doesn’t come out But when it is unlocked I touch them they come out
  • But when I turn on passive entry I walk up to the car it opens automatically
  • On occasion, I have found that my key fob is not detected when it's in the same pocket as my phone.
  • No I put my key fob in my hand I have tried it aswell
  • Have you checked the fob battery? Is the fob in a metal holder? Are you walking up to the car from the side vs front or back? Are you In an area with a lot of elecromagnetic interference. My fob is in a metal holder and even in my band, if I walk up to the car from the side it takes awhile to recognize it and at times I need to move it around a bit.
  • No when I turn on passive entry it opens the door handle when I walk to it
  • It’s likely that the pressure switch (or even more likely the tiny wires to the pressure switch) has failed. Try touching the other three handles. If they extend when you touch, the pressure switch (or the wiring) has failed.

    Several companies make Tesla door handle rebuild kits that include all the stuff needed to restore / upgrade your handles including more robust paddle gears, new switches / wires, and thorough instructions. It’s an easy, fun job if you enjoy tinkering. (I do.)
  • ^ To clarify: if you touch one of the *other* three handles, and the handles all extend, you will know if, and which handle has the broken pressure switch and/or pressure switch wiring. (—The driver’s door, yes?)
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