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Customer Care Email

I am unable to find the email address for customer care on Tesla website. Sending questions through online does not have any option to attach pictures. Can someone please provide me with this. Thanks!


  • I'm not sure what you want. There is no such email address. If you have a problem with your car, you can set up a service appointment with the app and attached a photo.
  • On the Tesla Support page, there’s a contact us link, which will eventually give you the option to e-mail and/or chat.
  • I sent an email to energy customer care a week ago. No answer to my specific answers and the customer service number goes in nowhere also. I had a representative on the connection but he had his voicemail but I could not leave a message. What a horrible customerservice! Regret that we choose Tesla
  • Guess you should have emailed them specific questions...
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