Model 3

Tire Repair Accessories Included At Time of Purchase?

When I purchased my 2019 single motor a Tire Repair Sealant was included with the power cord and the plug adapter. When I traded in for a 2020 Dual (on the last day of a sales period where all Supercharging was being offered for free for a year, and it was bedlam at the San Francisco location) I didn't think to check and indeed, there were no tire accessories. Yes Trolls: my mistake. My question is: does anyone else know about this and is it worth pursuing?


  • i didnt get any tire sealant or repair kit with either my 3 or Y. sounds like you got it by good faith or accident the first time
  • No tire repair kits are provided in CA and many other states. At least one state requires the mfr to supply such with car,. Your first time was a fluke.
  • There was one in the used 3 I just brought from Carvana. I considered it a bad omen. There was also a CHAdeMO adapter, which I had not expected.
  • None given to me in NY. Home of the sufferer, land of the taxed.
  • I think Maryland requires them but not sure what other states have the same rules.
  • I didn't get anything on my 2021 LR either. And neither a 14-50 adapter, which I had to buy. Tesla used to include both before, for what I've read, but has been removing stuff from the cars, like all other manufacturers do. Oh, and same thing with door ambient lighting, and who knows what else. But at least I got the new heat pump, and power trunk, free supercharging and FSD promotions, so not all bad. Ha ha. Would have liked the power boost much better than FSD, which I don't care about one bit.
  • Maryland does require that an inflator or something else be included in a new car sale if a spare is not. Have gotten the Tesla inflator kit with all 3 Teslas purchased so far.
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