what controls charge rate?

i've been trying to read up on this. seems many highlight actual charge rate versus supercharger (or DC charger) posted rate. from what i've been reading, your vehicle (based on many factors) is controlling the charge rate (other than a shared charger which others here pointed up will reduce the rate at the supercharger). is this how it works? thx, ron


  • I explain charge rates along with charts here:
  • noice. i've started reading through. lots of info that i am looking for. never showed up on google searches. thx, ron
  • Short answer is battery temperature and state of charge (SOC), to determine where on the charging taper curve you are.
  • > @"" said:
    > I explain charge rates along with charts here:

    great read. you have a note referencing potential grid system limitations. does the vehicle (or app) give an indication if charging is being limited by other than the vehicle's parameters? for instance, if you are at a location with no one else around and the vehicle is trickle charging, does it basically say, or indicate "move to a different stall" or is it on you to figure it out?

    thx, ron
  • No alerts. You have to do a little deducing if rates seem off. Years ago, I developed a little equation to estimate expected charge rate. If results were significantly different, usually one would just move to a different charging pedestal.
    Also, in high heat situations, superchargers can slow due to overheating and moving to a cool charger can help.
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