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solar roof vs solar panels?

I'm just started looking installing solar on my house in Rhode Island any input thanks
I'm new Model Y owner love the car but charging at home my electric bill has gone up.


  • I've got a solar roof and love it. Now the solar roof only makes sense if you need to replace your existing roof, otherwise, it's a lot more expensive than solar panels. A solar roof may also be more expensive than a bottom end asphalt roof. I was considering a high-end tile roof replacement, and the costs, without solar, was higher than the solar roof with two power walls. So there are a lot of variables.

    I wrote up more about my installation with a short time-lapse video here:
  • Solar panels & two power walls work like a charm here in N. Central Florida. Charging the X pulls ~ 8 kw, but it’s not a big deal when the sun is full on. Not to mention enjoying the electric bills cut in half or less. Oh, & the seamless transition when the power goes out: the microwave clock doesn’t even start blinking. Gotta love Tesla products.
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