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Ford MachE Mustang demos 150kW PlugNCharge success,

Ford has developed PlugNCharge tech with Electrify America and it works great on first test by top EV tester.

“Watch Ford Mustang Mach-E Demonstrate Its Plug&Charge Technology”


  • Well, if you’re gonna post duplicate threads I’ll post duplicate responses:

    What I love is this direct quote from the article Fishy linked to:
    “Tesla vehicles never had this problem because the Supercharger network has always worked like Plug&Charge.“

    So, the Mach E has caught up with where Tesla was in, what, 2012? Another quote from the article is apropos here:
    “ Now, other EV owners will soon have the ability to just pull up and plug in. However, it's not going to happen overnight.”

    And, at 150 kw, the Mach E has the charging capability of a Model S from that period also.

    Someday they’ll catch up. More power to them.
  • If you think the Mach E is so great, then why did you get banned from the Mach E forum? Different narratives for different forums?
  • > @Frank99 said: > And, at 150 kw, the Mach E has the charging capability of a Model S from that period also.

    The 150kW is a good high rate of charge. The average rate of charge on the Mustang EV has been a bit higher than Model 3 on the 150kW, 91kWh for the MachE and 86kWh for the Model 3, equal in real world usage.

    Mustang EV might have bit more aggressive charging curve but at both end up charging as fast.
  • F = Fix
    O = Or
    R = Repair
    D = Daily
  • Full marks for lack of creativity.
  • In 2021, the fish still can’t distinguish between power and energy.

    100% chance that won’t change by 2022.
  • And once again, a one time demonstration says nothing about how it works day in and day out.
  • Fishy sed:
    The 150kW is a good high rate of charge.

    Indeed it is. And I'll repeat that Ford is now catching up to where Tesla was in 2012. Good for them. You have to walk before you can run. Ford made a good-looking ESUV with the Mach E (although calling it a Mustang is silly), their next generation will smooth over most of the rough spots, like it's poor efficiency and 2012-era charging speed.
  • I was thinking about that while getting a quick charge on the EVGo (a Bolt next stall over), I’ve never not been able to charge on EVgo, EA, Webasto...all the public chargers I’ve tried.
  • “I was thinking”

    Not possible.
  • > @"Magic 8 Ball" said: > Not possible.

    It’s that Ford neural net.
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